Secret Letter in CODM: All You Need to Know About the Morse Code Message

The Secret Letter in CODM (Call of Duty: Mobile) is a Morse code message sent to players by someone known as “Knight.” This intriguing mail arrives in your in-game mailbox upon successfully extracting from the T-3 container as you play a game of Battle Royale mode. While multiple containers can potentially spawn in a single location if the player is lucky, each can only be utilized once. The Secret Letter in CODM piqued the curiosity of many players who are interested in learning what the message is all about. However, for those unfamiliar with deciphering Morse code, the task may appear daunting and intimidating.

What Does the Secret Letter in COD Mobile mean?

The Morse Code in the Secret Letter in COD Mobile means “I need some help. In Isolated and the blackout, those scattered containers are the ingredients that can help me. -A Knight.” The code is sent to your in-game mailbox after extracting a T-3 container while playing a game of Battle Royale mode.

These containers hold valuable loot that can help players survive the match. When you come across one of these blue-glowing containers, a minigame will appear that will determine the rarity of the loot you acquire. Upon clicking “Extract,” a screen will appear, presenting two gauge meters—one for Rarity and the other for Volume. These meters play a crucial role in determining the quality of your loot. The aim is to skillfully halt the arrows in the middle of both meters, ensuring you secure the finest goods available. 

How to decipher the Morse Code in the Secret letter in COD Mobile?

Translating a Morse code may be confusing at first. However, with enough practice, you will be able to swiftly decode them.

Here is a reference for each letter in the Morse Code:

  • A: .-

  • B: -…

  • C: -.-.

  • D: -.

  • E:

  • F: ..-.

  • G: –.

  • H:…

  • I:

  • J: .—

  • K: -.-

  • L: .-.

  • M: —

  • N: -.

  • O: —

  • P: .–.

  • Q: –.-

  • R: .-.

  • S: …

  • T: –

  • U: ..-

  • V: …-

  • W: .–

  • X: -..-

  • Y: -.–

  • Z: –.