SENSEI Explains the Reason Behind BMPS Season 1 Facing Low Viewership

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 is two weeks in with 24 of the best BGMI teams from across the country competing in the first official tournament of the 2022 competitive circuit by Krafton.

All teams have already played a whopping 32 matches across the eight tournament days so far, with the third and final week of the group stage all set to take place from 2nd to 5th June.

Team SouL was the team that dominated in the first week of the competition, but things changed through the course of week two as both OR Esports and Team XO overtook Team SouL to grab the first and second spot respectively.

Despite the high octane action, overall viewership observed so far during the group stage of the BMPS Season 1 has been below expectations. During a recent livestream, Deepak “SENSEI” Negi from Team XO explained the reason behind this relatively low viewership.

SENSEI explains why BMPS Season 1 is facing low viewership during the group stage

The viewership of BMPS Season 1 has been decent so far in the group stage of the tournament according to community members and professional players like SENSEI, who even explained the reason behind it during a recent livestream.

When taking a quick look across all three streaming platforms, YouTube, Loco, and Facebook, when the matches are being livestreamed, it is enough for anyone to realize that the concurrent watching is definitely below expectations. However, there is no certain way to point out what the peak and average viewership of the tournament has been so far, considering that no reputed third-party website has been tracking it.

Talking about the reason behind why BMPS Season 1 is not able to attract a lot of viewers, SENSEI reasons that the majority of the audience is more interested in watching their favorite players in action rather than competitive BGMI.

“It’s not like the viewership is very low. During the grand final stage of the tournament [BMPS Season 1], the viewership will obviously go up,” explained SENSEI, “Also, right now a lot of tier-one teams who have a huge fanbase failed to qualify. So because of this many community members do not come to watch the livestream of the tournament, as their favorite team is not competing.”

He also added that the duration of the group stage is quite lengthy due to which the viewers are not showing up, but as soon as the grand final stage kicks off everyone will observe a spike in viewership.

: The related section starts from 00:21 onwards, but it is in Hindi language.

While we do not have a proper method or tools to gauge viewership statistics for BMPS Season 1. This is the total viewership of each stream across the three platforms – YouTube, Loco, and Facebook.

The above data in no way, form, or manner is accurate and does not give us any idea about the peak or average viewership of BMPS Season 1 so far, as it also takes into account the views after the game, along with many other erroneous factors.

However, it does help us form a rough estimate of how many folks are watching the tournament and what we can expect from it going ahead.


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