SHADOW Reveals Why He Left TSM India


Professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players for GodLike Esports Arjun “SHADOW” Mandhalkar was recently livestreaming BGMI on his YouTube channel. During the livestream, one of his viewers asked whether the Analyst of TSM India was any good and if he guided the team properly. SHADOW responded that he left TSM India because of the organization’s coach and analyst. Following this, he stated that he had to do everything during his tenure in the organization.

SHADOW states he left TSM India because of its coach and analyst

Replying to the question, SHADOW said that although there was a coach and an analyst on the team, he had to do everything. “In TSM India, there was a coach as well as an Analyst, but I used to do everything. Because in the end, I had to do everything.” He stated that the coach and analyst just used to provide him with the stats of other teams. “They just used to give me stats of every other team. I had to do everything else,” added SHADOW.

SHADOW also talked about his relationship with the coach, stating that he and the coach never went along. “Coach and I did not go along. I did not want to play the game anymore because of the coach.” He added, “TSM India did not want to continue with me; it wanted to continue with the coach. There was nothing else.”

SHADOW left TSM India in June 2022 and joined GodLike Esports in the same month. TSM India alleged that GodLike Esports had poached SHADOW. On the other hand, SHADOW claimed that he was “exploited, harassed, and insulted” at TSM India.

TSM India later revealed that TSM previously talked with Shadow and permitted him to explore options with the expectation that other organizations would reach out to TSM regarding SHADOW’s transfer. However, it did not receive official confirmation from the organization wanting Shadow, but the player was registered with GodLike Esports for the BGMI Masters event. Following this, TSM India claimed that it would take legal action against GodLike Esports.

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