Sid Joshi’s Candid Insights: Praising Goblin’s Performance and Addressing Team SouL’s Haters

Following their triumphant victory in GE Fight Night Season 5, Team Soul manager Sid “SID” Joshi took the opportunity to share his insights on Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal’s performance and address the persistent hate that surround the team in an interview post-matches. In addition, Sid shed light on exciting plans for Team SouL’s highly anticipated international trip, the coveted prize for winning the fight night scrims.

Sid Talks about Goblin, Haters, and International Trip 

In a stunning display of skill and strategy, Team SouL emerged as the undisputed champions of GE Fight Night Season 5, leaving their opponents in awe. With a remarkable total of 103 points, the team showcased their dominance by securing two victories and accumulating 36 position points along with an impressive 67 finish points. Leading the charge in fragging were Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal and  Sohail “Hector” Shaikh,  claiming the top spots on the list of highest fraggers. Goblin, the standout player of the tournament, garnered a staggering 22 finishes, followed by Hector with 19.

Sid Joshi commended Goblin’s skills saying, “You need that one player in your team who is the playmaker, we took Goblin in the team to be the playmaker.” Sid also acknowledged that Goblin’s aggressive playstyle sometimes resulted in early deaths, but he reassured fans that he was doing his role.

When discussing formidable opponents, Sid Joshi singled out Blind Esports as a team that had displayed an unparalleled level of gameplay. Sid acknowledged their dominance and admitted that Team SouL had yet to unravel the secret to defeating them. However, Sid expressed unwavering confidence in the strategic prowess of their In-Game Leader, Sahil “Omega” Jakhar, and their coach, Amit Dubey. “Blind is a team we are definitely watching out for, but I am pretty sure that Omega and Amit bhai will figure them out till BGIS comes,” Sid confidently stated.

Ever the vocal advocate for his team, Sid Joshi also took the opportunity to address the persistent critics and detractors of Team SouL. Dismissing any claims made by the haters, Sid firmly asserted that the team’s success was solely a result of their unwavering dedication and relentless hard work. 

In an intriguing revelation, Sid divulged his personal connection to the Philippines, hinting at the possibility of an upcoming international trip for Team SouL. With friends and connections in the country, Sid’s statement sparked anticipation among fans, wondering if the team would soon showcase their skills on an international stage.

Looking ahead to the upcoming official tournamentS, Sid exuded unwavering belief in his team’s potential. He expressed utmost confidence that not only Goblin but all the players of Team SouL would rediscover their top form, reclaim their dominance, and emerge as champions once again.