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Sid Praises S8UL And Calls the Organization an Empire


S8UL has established itself as one of the most successful and popular esports organizations in India. In a recent livestream, the manager of S8UL Esports, Siddhanth “Sid” Joshi, talked about the organization and praised S8UL for the efforts it is putting in. He stated that S8UL was not just an esports organization but an “empire.” He then revealed how the lifestyles of people joining S8UL always changed for the better. Sid hoped and said that S8UL will reach the level of 100 Thieves and TSM someday in terms of finance.

Sid says the efforts S8UL Esports is next level

All the members of S8UL have been putting in massive efforts and have established the organization as one of India’s most prominent esports organizations. Sid revealed that he is witnessing S8UL’s hard work first-hand after joining it. He said, “I used to see from outside how much effort the members of S8UL are making. Now that I have joined S8UL, I can clearly see what they are doing. The efforts S8UL Esports is putting in is next level.”

Following this, he claimed that joining S8UL would upgrade the lifestyle of the person within three to four months. He said, “You can legitimately, after coming here in three to four months, upgrade your lifestyle. It might take three to four months, but you can definitely upgrade your lifestyle.”

S8UL has seen massive growth in esports as well as content creation over the past few years and Sid hopes to see the organization reach the standard of bigger organizations in the future. Sid said, “This place is one hundred percent an empire, not just an org, esports, or content creators. This place is definitely an empire,” said Sid. He added, “I hope S8UL Esports also reaches the level of 100 Thieves, the original TSM organization, someday in terms of money. And one hundred percent joining S8UL gives you a lifestyle upgrade.”

S8UL is huge in India

S8UL Esports is an Indian organization led by Naman “MortaL” Mathur and was formed by a partnership between two major Indian esports organizations Team SouL and 8bit. The current owners of the organization are MortaL, Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, and Lokesh “Goldy” Jain. S8UL started its journey with PUBG Mobile and came into the limelight after winning the PUBG Mobile India Series in 2019. The organization currently fields its roster in multiple titles, including Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Pokemon Unite.

The organization has won numerous notable tournaments in various titles over the past couple of years, especially PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Earlier in August, one of YouTube’s biggest content creators Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson teased a potential collaboration with 8Bit Thug. On 24th August, Team S8ul’s MortaL wrote, “What do you guys think? Did @MrBeast already land in India, is he planning it soon or is it a prank?”. Furthermore, S8UL Esports and MortaL were also nominated for The Esports Awards 2022.

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