SID Responds to Hater Comparing JONATHAN’s Earning to MortaL and Scout

SID Responds to Hater Comparing JONATHAN's Earning to MortaL and Scout

A veteran of the Indian esports industry, Siddhant “SID” Joshi, is popular for being blunt and savage with his responses across the board. His bold character has helped him turn into a successful streamer and content creator while being an adept esports manager.

During a recent livestream, SID encountered a viewer who went by the name of ‘GodL OP’ spewing hate in his chat by comparing Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral’s earnings to that of Tanmay “Scout” Singh and Naman “MortaL” Mathur.

SID delivered a cracking response after noticing the hater’s comment which was equal parts fun and a life lesson. As a bonus, it made his stream more entertaining and maybe even discouraged a few other haters from taking a similar path.

SID delivers a savage response to the hater who compared JONATHAN’s earnings to that of MortaL and Scout

During a recent livestream, SID cracked down on a hater, making things a lot more eventful for the rest of his viewers while also imparting some free life lessons.

After noticing that the hater made the following statement, ‘Jonny earns more than MortaL and Scout. His watching and views are more than all of them,’ SID just could not hold himself back from dishing a savage rebuttal.

He acknowledged that JONATHAN could be achieving more viewership than MortaL and Scout. However, that makes no difference at the end of the day because all three of them along with him and even S8UL’s cook (Harish) were all earning more than the hater ever could.

“I never understand this concept of comparison. You are a fan of Jonny (JONATHAN), so you are coming to my stream and trying to show that he is great by bashing Scout and MortaL, but at the end of the day Jonny does not give a s**t about you because no one wants fans like this,” said SID.

He further mentioned that JONATHAN’s life would not be affected by all the hate that the person was spreading in his chat and would definitely not be proud that he made such a comment.

Instead, all three of them will keep earning money and become even more successful but the hater would remain stuck right where they were.

“This statement makes no sense. All three of them are earning like crazy. Two of them have bought a Mustang, an Audi, made a house worth ten crores, one guy has made investments across Mumbai due to which his next 50 years are sorted, till now he is considered a leader in gaming, launching a car with MG (Morris Garages). Every guy is reaching new heights and you (hater) just need to take a look at what you are doing,” says SID before parting a bit of wisdom, “I swear on my mother, I am honestly telling you this, think about your life and do reconsider.”

Note: The related segment starts from 03:20 onwards.

SID did not hold back and gave a resounding response to the hater who seemed to have stepped on his nerves. Nonetheless, it ended up providing other viewers with a burst of entertainment and might have helped a few other haters to reconsider their actions.


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