Sid Reveals Why S8UL Creators Focused Only on BGMI


Since the government of India blocked Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) under Section 69A of the IT Act 2000, a lot of BGMI streamers and content creators have been trying to diversify their content by playing other games. However, there has been a massive drop in their viewership whenever they play other games. In a recent livestream, Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, the manager of S8UL Esports, revealed why S8UL creators mostly focused on BGMI when it was available in the country.

“Everyone from S8UL is trying to diversify.” – S8UL Sid

Sid revealed that streaming and playing BGMI content was very lucrative for all the creators and attracted a huge viewership of over 50,000 viewers. As a result, most of the creators were focused on making and streaming BGMI content only, and they built an audience based on that. Sid said, “When BGMI was available, the creators earned money by streaming and playing only BGMI. Now when BGMI is not available, all the viewers are asking why did all the creators put all their efforts only into one game. Are you stupid?” Following this, he added, “If it is apparent that by streaming and playing BGMI, it is attracting over 50k viewership and they are earning over a lakh per month, then why wouldn’t they capitalize it and make the most out of it until it is available? Why wouldn’t someone do it? Everyone would have done it.”

Due to the game getting blocked on account of national security, the creators had to diversify their content. As a result, all the members of S8UL are trying to make content around different mobile games as well as PC games. Sid said, “Now that BGMI is not available, the creators are diversifying the way they should. There are no creators in S8UL anymore that are only focusing on BGMI. Almost everyone from S8UL is trying to diversify by playing different games, including PC games.”

In a recent livestream, Sc0utOP revealed the reason for the massive drop in their viewership when creators play other games. He said this happens because their primary audience is mainly focused on BGMI. As a result, their audience prefers watching BGMI content and streams over any other game.

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