Sid Sets New Goals for S8UL Esports Members and Team SouL


Sid aims to achieve a top-three finish in an international tournament 

16th March marked the first anniversary of Team SouL’s BGMI roster. To celebrate, Sid hosted a livestream, where he discussed the team’s achievements in the past year and set new goals for the coming year. 

In the livestream, Sid stated that he was waiting for BGMI’s return and expressed his confidence in the team. “Hopefully, the game comes back soon, we get into the grind again, and we finish what we started last year. The growth, the sput we showed last year, we will start again soon, hopefully,” he said.

Sid went on to explain that S8UL has established itself as a leader in the esports industry, having surpassed its competitors. “I don’t know what goals I should set for next year. I’m not sure because there’s nothing left to do anymore. We have gone so far in the race that no one is able to see us. That’s how far we have gone,” he said.

Following this, the viewers started to spam that Sid should set the goal of winning an international trophy. In response, Sid stated that he wanted to be realistic in his goal-setting for the team. He explained that the game had been unavailable for nine months, and even if the game returned, no one knew whether Indian teams would get a slot in international tournaments or what events would take place. “We don’t know the roadmap; we know nothing. So let’s set up some realistic goals,” he added.

Sid shared that his primary goal, along with a few other members of S8UL Esports, is to buy a house. “A few people are left that haven’t bought their own house. Including me, a total of three or four people will buy the houses in the coming year,” he added. “Besides this, my personal goal is to achieve at least 1 million subscribers. At least 1 million. I believe, apart from me, there will be two or more people in S8UL that will reach 1 million subscribers.”

Following this, viewers again started spamming to set the goal of winning an international trophy. In response, Sid shared his goal of achieving a bare minimum of a top three finish in an international tournament. “International trophy, again, we don’t know the roadmap and all. But, for an international tournament, if the game comes back and everything goes well, I want a top-three finish on an international LAN or an international event. A top-three finish is the bare minimum I want before next year. This is my goal, and I think we will be able to do this if the road map and everything comes and everything goes well,” he said.

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