Skyesports to Reportedly Host Skyesports League With INR 3 Crore Prize Pool


Skyesports’ Founder and CEO Shiva Nandy recently hinted at the possibility of Skyesports League, featuring a massive prize pool of ₹3 Crore INR, after the potential return of Krafton’s currently suspended title Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Even though the hint didn’t explicitly mention that Skyesports League would be exclusively for BGMI, its relaunch following the potential return of BGMI suggests that the game will have a significant presence in the league. Nandy also mentioned that more Skyesports tournaments would return soon, but the organization’s current focus is the Skyesports CS:GO League.

Skyesports to host a 3 Crore prize pool after BGMI’s potential return

In a recent Instagram Story, Nandy shared a post that asked users to list down the events that they wish to be resumed after the potential return of BGMI. Along with the post, he wrote, “Skyesports League at Thyagaraj Stadium, Delhi. Atleast with 3 Crore Prize Pool,” hinting at the potential return of Skyesports League. Although the hint did not explicitly point out that Skyesports League would be a BGMI-only event, its relaunch after the potential comeback of BGMI indicates that the game would play a significant role in it.

In the following Instagram Story, Nandy disclosed that Skyesports League, Skyesports Award Ceremony, Skyesports Championship 5.0, and Skyesports Skirmish Series would also make a comeback. Nevertheless, he emphasized that Skyesports will prioritize the Skyesports CS:GO League until then.

Spero expresses his views on the Skyesports League

In a recent livestream, viewers asked Piyush “Spero” Bathla to see Nandy’s Instagram Story regarding the Skyesports League. Responding to the Story, Spero said, “A tournament with a 3 Crore prize pool is already lined up, and you say there is no hype for the game. Those who say there is no hype, here is the hype.”

Spero expressed excitement at the possibility of such an event but also suggested that the event might feature other games in addition to BGMI. “I know it is a 3 Crore prize pool LAN event, and if it takes place, it would be fun. The event might also feature other games, it’s not like it will only have BGMI. So be careful about that. But, of course, a LAN event filled with an audience is something that you don’t want to miss,” he said.

Although Spero expressed his excitement for the event, he also stated that the event would only be possible if BGMI made a comeback. 

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