Skylightz Gaming is the Champion of Nostra Gaming Week New State Mobile

Skylightz Gaming is the Champion of Nostra Gaming Week New State Mobile

The Nostra Gaming Week recently took place from 16th to 22nd January with a total prize pool of INR 3,00,000 split between four different esports titles, New State Mobile, Pokemon Unite, Valorant, and FIFA 23.

This week-long tournament was organized by Upthrust Esports, who broadcasted it live on its official YouTube channel allowing everyone to witness some top-notch New State Mobile action.

A total of 32 teams were handed direct invites to compete in Nostra Gaming Week New State Mobile and after seven days of hustle, it was Skylightz Gaming that walked away as the champion along with INR 50,000 in prize money.

Skylightz Gaming is the winner of Nostra Gaming Week New State Mobile

Nostra is the revamped name of Glance’s gaming division. Glance is an Indian artificial intelligence-based software company that delivers personalized content directly on the lock screens of smartphones.

The recently concluded Nostra Gaming Week was its first foray into the Indian esports scene featuring four different titles as part of this tournament – Pokemon Unite, New State Mobile, FIFA 23, and Valorant.

In total, 32 of the best teams from across India were handed direct invites to compete in this tournament from 16th to 22nd January. Over the course of this one week, the event was split into two stages – Group Stage and Grand Finals.

The 32 teams were divided into four groups of eights teams each and went against each other in a simple round-robin format. After three days, the top 16 teams from the overall scoreboard qualified ahead to the Grand Finale while the other half were eliminated from the event.

These 16 teams took on each other across two more days, playing a total of eight matches to decide which team will be lifting the trophy.

Skylightz Gaming secured an early lead on the first day by scoring a total of 48 points, further extending this lead by scoring 49 more points on the second day. They scored two victories which helped them attain 42 placement points and 55 finish points, resulting in a total of 97 points, enough to be crowned as the champions.

Apart from New State Mobile, tournaments for three other titles, Pokemon Unite, Valorant, and FIFA 23, also ran during the course of this same week. However, not all the events were broadcasted live by Upthrust Esports, who were running the show on behalf of Nostra.

This was just the first event for Nostra and maybe we will get to see a better produced esports tournament from them in the year ahead.


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