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Slerf is a popular Memecoin featuring a sloth like creature taking a selfie, it was created in 2024 on the Solana Chain, with the contract address: 7BgBvyjrZX1YKz4oh9mjb8ZScatkkwb8DzFx7LoiVkM3

Slerf Meme Storyline

$Slerf emerged with a vision to be a fun and engaging meme coin, brimming with exciting content to propel its journey forward. However, on launch day, disaster struck when a major mishap resulted in the accidental burning of $10 million worth of $Slerf tokens, intended for distribution among 25,000 trusting presale buyers. In the immediate aftermath of its launch, $Slerf rocketed to an all-time high market cap of $750million within a few hours. Impressively, the day 1 24-hour trading volume surged close to $2.5billion, surpassing even the likes of ETH and USDC in trading volume.

As $Slerf continues its journey, the tale of its rise from setback to success is far from over, promising new chapters and achievements yet to come… Slerf is werf.

Coin Website:
Total Supply of Tokens: 499,997,750 SLERF
Protocol: Solana

Long Term Price Prediction

Presented below is a long term price prediction table that was made using available market and coin information to predict possible future peaks and low points in this assets price. Flizzyy offers informational price predictions and not financial investment advice.

Year Est. Min. Price Est. Max. Price
2024 0.152$ 1.13$
2025 0.196$ 1.20$
2026 0.264$ 1.57$
2027 0.330$ 1.88$
2028 0.378$ 2.31$
2029 0.561$ 2.70$
2030 0.785$ 3.06$
2035 1.086$ 5.38$

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