Snax is All Set to Move out of the S8UL Gaming House

In a recent livestream, S8UL Esports streamer Raj “Snax” Varma, recently announced that he will be embarking on a new chapter by relocating out of the popular S8UL Gaming House, where numerous S8UL members call home. Snax disclosed his intention to secure a flat in the vicinity of Navi Mumbai after he moves out of the S8UL Gaming House. The driving force behind this decision stems from the urgent need to address sleep-related issues that have been detrimentally impacting his performance.

BGMI Pro Snax Seeks New Residence to Address Sleep Challenges

During his recent livestream, Snax openly shared the difficulties he has been facing in getting proper sleep. Even minor disturbances like noises or lights disrupt his sleep, and once awake, he struggles to fall back asleep, which significantly affects his focus and overall gameplay. Recognizing the crucial role of sufficient sleep in maintaining his health and improving his performance, Snax’s doctor advised him to prioritize rest. “I need a proper place to play esports; that is possible only in my own room,” he added.

Snax currently shares a room with players from 8Bit, who are actively participating in multiple tournaments and scrimmages. 

Additionally, Snax intends to transfer his streaming setup to his new abode, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal comfort. Proximity to the S8UL gaming house remains a top priority, ensuring his accessibility during collaborative shoots. It is important to note that Snax’s intended relocation should not be interpreted as a departure from S8UL Esports. Quite the contrary, Snax still plans to continue his journey with the S8UL. By relocating, Snax aims to stream early on YouTube, engage in scrims, and achieve the recommended eight hours of sleep, thereby improving his overall performance.

With a track record that includes previous engagements with renowned esports teams such as Team IND, Velocity Gaming, and Team XO, Snax has amassed a substantial following on his YouTube channel, boasting over 1.52 million subscribers. As fans eagerly await Snax’s return to competitive gaming, speculation looms regarding the team he will choose to play for BGIS Season 2.