Snax Reveals The Real Reason Why He Stopped Playing BGMI

Snax Reveals The Real Reason Why He Stopped Playing BGMI

Raj “Snax” Varma aka Snax Gaming has stopped playing BGMI and fans have been wondering if he wants to move to a different game. Other creators are on the same boat as him and many have considered branching out to variety content creation or other esports titles. Snax finally addressed why he stopped playing BGMI and if he will return to the game anytime soon.

Snax does not want to play BGMI while it is banned

Snax said in a recent livestream, “I stopped playing BGMI simply because the game is not available right now. Many have DM’d me asking if I will not return to the game or if I have left the game permanently and want me to return. But how can I return when the game is banned?”.

He clarified that as soon as BGMI makes a return, he will be on the grind again. For now, he wants to focus on content creation. He added, “I want to try new things like vlogging, multiplayer PC games and roleplaying. I am happy with what I am doing and I can support my family with the content that I am putting out.” 

He revealed that he suffered financial losses the last time he kept playing PUBG Mobile after its ban. But he learned to adapt as a content creator and is able to maintain a massive audience with his variety content. 

Last month, Snax revealed that he and compete when the game returns. Until then, he wants to focus on creating non-BGMI content. He said in a livestream, “People have started liking me, my Valorant streams, my RP streams, and my story modes, and this is a big thing for a streamer. I have never felt so proud of myself as much as I have felt in the last six months,” 

There are rumors of BGMI making a return and esports teams are still actively participating in . No one knows for certain if the game will make a return or if the community will eventually move on to other games. Games like and might be able to steal BGMI’s thunder and become the next big game in the Indian mobile esports market.


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