Solutions for Honkai Star Rail’s Abacus Circuitry

Solutions for Honkai Star Rail’s Abacus Circuitry

Honkai Star Rail has plenty of secret challenges and puzzles for players to solve, and it can be a lot of fun to solve them. But the puzzles can be a little difficult at times and you may just want to get your rewards and move on with your day. If you are stuck on the Abacus Circuitry Challenge in Honkai Star Rail, here’s how you can solve it in four easy steps.

Honkai Star Rail: Abacus Circuitry Solution

When you run into the Abacus Circuitry challenge, follow the steps below to clear the puzzle.

  1. Press the upper-green hexagon. 

  2. Rotate left four times.

  3. Press the lower-green hexagon.

  4. Rotate right two times. 

Once you perform the steps correctly, the computing module will move from the top to the bottom panel and you will be able to proceed with the quest.

How to get the Abacus Circuitry Challenge

If you don’t know how to get the challenge, you need to progress the main story to get access to it. The puzzle is part of a Trailblaze mission (mandatory quest) called “Venom Brews, Immortality Looms” which you need to clear to progress the main story.

If you do not have access to the quest, it simply means that you have not completed the pre-requisite quests yet or have not reached Trailblaze Level 29. The Venom Brews, Immortality Looms quest takes place in the Exalting Sanctum and you need to clear the Abacus Circuitry puzzle in Honkai Star Rail to complete it.

Honkai Star Rail has tons of puzzles and secrets for players to discover. We have a guide for the in case you are unable to find all of the keys. If you are new to the game and wondering which characters are worth rerolling for, check out our . 


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