Sonia Character Guide: How to Master Her Special Ability in Free Fire

With a current roster of 39 characters in Free Fire, the introduction of yet another character might appear unnecessary. However, the recently revealed Nano Scientist – Sonia, breaks this notion by adding a fresh twist to gunfights. Her unique ability grants her bonus health when she sustains fatal damage and provides a brief period of damage immunity. At first glance, this definitely seems like a game changer, but there’s more to it. Let’s delve deep into that in this article.

How Sonia’s Special Ability – “Nano Lifeshield” Functions

To grasp Sonia’s special ability, it’s important for players to comprehend how it functions. When Sonia receives damage that would typically result in being knocked down, she instead becomes invulnerable for a brief period of 0.5 seconds. During this time, animated shields visibly surround her, indicating her protected state. Once the invulnerability phase ends, a shield is activated, granting an additional 150HP for a duration of 3 seconds. 

Now, here comes the interesting part. It is crucial for players to be mindful of this timer and utilize the bonus health effectively. To ensure survival, players must defeat an opponent within the 3-second timeframe using their bonus health. Once the timer reaches zero, failure to eliminate the enemy will result in automatic knockdown. Losing the gunfight during this period will also result in elimination. However, if they emerge victorious in the battle, a maximum of 151HP will be restored, or the remaining HP of the shield will be restored.

How best to utilize Sonia’s Active Ability? 

Indeed, Sonia’s special ability makes her a valuable asset for aggressive play styles such as rushing or executing flank attacks. Her role revolves around taking calculated risks, leveraging the advantage of her bonus life. Sonia excels in close-quarters combat where she can rely on the extra health to withstand intense firefights and triumph in seemingly unwinnable engagements. 

However, engaging in long-range battles carries its risks, as opponents can take precautions or stall her during the shield phase to evade her attacks and deny her potential kills. In essence, Sonia’s ability embodies the high-stakes concept of “Kill or Be Killed,” adding an element of intensity to the gameplay. 

When will Sonia release in Free Fire?

As of now, there is no official information as to when exactly the character will appear in the game. The developers have shared details about the character on their latest 6th Anniversary patch notes. Therefore, it is expected that Sonia will appear on anniversary related events as soon as they kick off around the end of June or early July.