Sony PlayStation 5 God of War: Ragnarok Bundle is Reportedly Not Accepting Discs


Sony’s PlayStation 5 is a gaming console that is desired by many gamers. However, the next-gen console has been difficult to acquire since it was released. This was due to a production issue that was faced by the company during the pandemic, but seems to be resolved now. Fortunately, Sony recently said that finding a PlayStation 5 is going to get much easier in the near future.

However, it will take some time until Sony produces the extra units needed to match the demand, until then, players have been trying to get their own unit through one of the monthly drops. Finding a PlayStation 5 during a monthly drop is incredibly fortunate and rare, as there is a massive influx of players on the day the console drops. If the console ends up being faulty after putting in so much effort to procure it, it can surely break the player’s heart.

One such situation has been recorded and has been posted on the r/ps5india subreddit. u/Desigoblin is the user that has posted their experience on the subreddit. Firstly, they ordered the PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarök Bundle during the drop that took place on February 7.

The user didn’t receive a disc with their bundle, so they purchased a separate game disc and tried it out. To their surprise, the PlayStation 5 was not ready to accept discs. They even tried using safe mode, tried to rebuild the database, did a reset and also updated the system software, but nothing has seemed to resolve the situation. We have reached out to Sony for a statement on the situation and will update this article when it arrives. Interested readers can check out the video in the Reddit post below:

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