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Sony Playstation 5 Next Restock Date Out for India Along With Updated Pricing; Here Is All You Need to Know


At last, another PS5 restock update is almost here. The upcoming restock date has been scheduled for November 11, 2022, and it will follow a similar PS5 restock time as usual, 12:00 PM. Interested buyers need to be ready in advance as the influx of purchasers will be at an all-time high. Like the restocks in the past, select sites will take preorders for the Sony PlayStation 5 console.

Buyers should put in their pre-orders on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, Vijay Sales, Games The Shop, Sony Centre and more. Numerous players still haven’t been able to get their own personal PlayStation 5s since the arrival of this cutting-edge console. This has been primarily a direct result of semiconductor shortage and scalpers.

As of late we learned that the PS5 supply issues are here to stay till 2024. At this point, handling these inventory issues is the main concern for Sony, and the organization is carrying out measures to determine solutions for these issues at the earliest.

Additionally, the console manufacturers are also in the process of ongoing negotiations for logistics of the console to maintain optimal delivery routes. We are also aware that Sony is trying their best to improve the stock situation before the holiday season.

In other news, players should know that the PlayStation 5 has just experienced a price hike. The disc version of the PlayStation 5 now costs INR 54,990 instead of the original INR 49,990. PlayStation 5 Digital edition has also experienced a price hike, costing INR 49,990 from the original INR 39,990. In terms of accessories, here are the following that players can purchase along with the PS5:

  • DualSense wireless controller: INR 5,990
  • PlayStation Media Remote: INR 2,590
  • PS5 Pulse 3D Headset: INR 7,890
  • PS5 HD Camera: INR 4,790.

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