Sony PlayStation 5: Second Restock Sale for February 2023 Is Happening Today; Here Is Where to Buy the Console in India


Sony’s PlayStation 5 is already one of the most sought after next-gen gaming consoles. Ever since the console released, players have been scavenging through every retailer in order to get their hands on a unit for themselves. Procuring a PlayStation 5 has been extremely difficult for a long time, but it seems that the availability of the next-gen console should increase tremendously in the coming months.

Until Sony is able to get the stocks increased, players will just have to try their luck through the monthly drops, and for the month of February, the restock takes place on February 22, 2023 at 12 PM IST. Interested players can check out online shop retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, Vijay Sales, Games The Shop, ShopAtSC, and more.

Players should know that getting a PlayStation 5 isn’t easy during these drops due to the huge influx of players on these websites. In order to increase their chances of acquiring the console, players should add their payment details beforehand on these websites. This will help in saving valuable time. Once the PlayStation 5 has been preordered, players can expect the delivery to take place within 2 weeks.

Amazon PlayStation 5 Scam

The user showcased a recording of their delivery’s unboxing, only to realize that they had been scammed. Instead of the PlayStation 5, they were provided with a Bluetooth speaker from an unrecognizable brand. They also posted an update stating another buyer had also been scammed, when they received the PlayStation 4 Pro instead of the PS5.

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