Sony PlayStation 5 Slim With Detachable Disc Won’t Have an Upgraded System: Report

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is rumoured to get a Slim version, just like its predecessors did. The PS5 Slim is even supposed to get a detachable disc drive. However, according to a new report, it will simply just be a redesign of the console.

According to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, the PS5 Slim won’t be a hardware upgrade to the original console. He provided details about the rumoured console on Twitter, stating that “there are no major hardware changes from the original console.” He also added that the detachable disc drive may not be compatible with the PS5’s Digital Edition.

Previous leaks have alluded to Sony working towards a smaller version of the PS5. If it does come out, it would be in line with the Slim versions of previous consoles by the company such as the PS4, PS3, and the PS2.

The console’s release date is reported to be in Q3 2023, and Sony would reportedly not designate it as PS5’s Slim model. It would be interesting to see how Sony decides to sell the console with a detachable disc drive accessory. However, as these are just rumours, we would have to wait until Sony officially announces any plans to release a slimmer version of the PlayStation 5.


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