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Sony PlayStation India Releases a New Video for God of War: Ragnarok Featuring Mumbai Metro; Kratos, Atreus and Freya Skins Arrive for Sackboy: A Big Adventure


Fans of God of War: Ragnarok cross India will likely be pleased by all the effort that Sony is putting to promote the game including mid-night launch events. In addition, PlayStation India recently decided to wrap the entire Mumbai Metro in a God of War: Ragnarok branding. From top to bottom, the whole railway has been decorated with elements and themes from the game. The company also posted a promotional video to mark this marketing activity. Check out the video posted by PlayStation India below:

Through the video, players will see that the entire Metro system has been customized to promote the arrival of God of War: Ragnarok. Players will see images depicting battles between Kratos and Freya, Kratos and Atreus stepping onto their next adventure, the likes of Tyr and other elements from the game. Fans from India have really appreciated this move from PlayStation India on social media.

Mumbai is not the only city that has been treated with such a promotion. According to the latest tweet by PlayStation India, it seems that a similar promotional activity is taking place in New York City. Their metro system has also been wrapped up with a God of War: Ragnarok aesthetic and PlayStation is calling it a rift to the Nine Realms.

Moreover, Sackboy: A Big Adventure players that are a fan of God of War: Ragnarok can now rejoice. From November 9, 2022, players will be able to sport skins of Kratos, Atreus and Freya in the game and show their love for God of War: Ragnarok. Another great detail about this collaboration is that players can get these skins as well as some emotes for absolutely no cost.

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