Spower Breaks Silence on leaving Blind, Cites Differences with Manya

On July 16, 2023, Spower clarified the situation from his side after Manya’s interview statements about him.

Spower left the team. The news makes waves in the industry and gives so many perspectives on the story after IGL of team Blind Mohammad Raja, also known as Manya, made statements in an interview when they won the Revenant Esports Showdown.

He focused more on that “MVP” title, leaving the team behind Manya on Spower; moreover, he says that at one moment it’s going out of hand. He takes things very easily and can’t listen to in-game calls. after the VE event, I told him to take a rest of six matches; his day is not good, and we have to win the night event. We have a five-man roster, and Spower plays almost 95% of matches. If anyone’s performance goes down, we have to bench him and play Joker because he is always the 5th man, and not giving him a chance on other’s low performances is unfair to him being the 5th player.

After the interview of Manya and team Blind on Revenant Esports Showdown, Spowers comes with his side of the story on Instagram.

Spower on His Side of Story

I want to address the ongoing discussions surrounding my departure from my organization While the official announcement has yet to be made, I feel it’s necessary to clarify the situation in the face of the unnecessary uproar it has caused. I firmly believe that internal matters within a team should remain private. However, it appears that certain individuals are seeking information and attempting to create a narrative surrounding this situation. l urge Everyone should consider that there There are always two sides to a story.
Throughout the past four years, I have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to compete officially. Now that the time has come, my focus is solely on playing as many matches as possible and making meaningful contributions to my team’s success. I have no interest in creating unnecessary controversy or seeking media attention. My priority is to perform to the best of my abilities and support whichever team I am a part of. I kindly request that everyone refrain from jumping to conclusions or forming judgments without being fully informed about the situation. Spower’s Instagram Story

However, official confirmation from Team Blind has yet to come. According to reports, Spower departure from Team Blind has ended on a positive note. and also sources suggest that he may join his former team Godlike or Hydra Esports.

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