Spower Joins Godlike Esports BGMI Roster, Check here

19, July 2023 Spower joined Godlike Esports, which many saw as a homecoming for Spower, who had previously been a member of Godlike Esports.

BGMI star Spower has officially joined Godlike Esports after recently leaving Blind Esports. Spower is currently in good form, having won two MVP titles with Blind Esports in the Skyesports Challenger Series and Upthrust Esports Challenger Showdown and performing well almost in every tournament.

Spower addition to Godlike ESports will surely add some destructive fragging power to the team, which already has some of the finest fraggers in India like Jonathan, Zgod, and Neyoo.

Godlike Esports now has a six-member squad, including Jonathan, Zgod, Cluchgod, Neyoo, Shadow, and Spower, and it is going to be a sweet headache for Team Godlike to choose playing four among these star players. However, Spower and Team Godlike eSports have played together in the past and they almost have the same aggressive playstyle.

Why Spower Left Blind Esports?

Spower was benched by the Team Blind. team IGL Manya explained that Spower was more focused on the MVP title and playing solo apart from the team, sometimes it got out of hand, so they gave rest to Spower. However, subsequent news revealed that Spower decided to part ways with the team Blind, as he didn’t wish to be sidelined during his prime and desired to participate in as many matches as possible.

Moreover, Spower shared his side of the story on Instagram:

I want to address the ongoing discussions surrounding my departure from my organization While the official announcement has yet to be made, I feel it’s necessary to clarify the situation in the face of the unnecessary uproar it has caused. I firmly believe that internal matters within a team should remain private. However, it appears that certain individuals are seeking information and attempting to create a narrative surrounding this situation. l urge Everyone should consider that there There are always two sides to a story.
Throughout the past four years, I have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to compete officially. Now that the time has come, my focus is solely on playing as many matches as possible and making meaningful contributions to my team’s success. I have no interest in creating unnecessary controversy or seeking media attention. My priority is to perform to the best of my abilities and support whichever team I am a part of. I kindly request that everyone refrain from jumping to conclusions or forming judgments without being fully informed about the situation. Spower’s Instagram Story

Godlike Esports is going through some rough patches in third-party tournaments where Godlike is not performing as consistently as they used to. The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 is around the corner, and this addition of Spower to Godlike eSports is something to watch out for in the BGIS 2023.

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