Spower x Blind Esports: A Closer Look at the Controversy

Blind Esports’ Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Rudra “Spower” B is leaving the lineup. This has surprised fans considering the fact that Blind Esports has been dominating BGMI esports, ever since the game’s return, winning ₹23,35,000 INR in total winnings from tournaments including Skyesports Champions Series 2023, Villager Esports DOMIN8R Series, Upthrust Survivors Saga Season 2, and Lidoma Battleground Invitational, among other tournaments.

Clashing Perspectives: Insights from Blind Esports and Spower’s Instagram Statement

During a tournament, BGMI caster Piyush “Spero” Bhatla raised questions about the absence of Spower in the team to Khush “Joker” Singh from Blind Esports. Joker responded by stating, “Spower is playing solo away from the team, which is why the team isn’t moving up; that’s why we have benched Spower and given him rest.”

Following this, in an interview after winning the Revenant Esports Showdown, the team’s IGL, Mohammad “Manya” Raja, said that “Everyone knows we have a five-man roster, but we don’t have a fixed fifth man. Since Spower joined us, he has played 95% of the matches. For one month, he was playing a solo game, we also told him that he was playing solo, and we insisted him to play with the team and improve the team game

Manya revealed that Spower had redirected his attention towards pursuing the MVP title, but acknowledged that things had spiraled out of control. Manya pointed out that Spower was disregarding in-game calls and not taking matters seriously. After the Villager Esports event, Manya advised Spower to take a break from playing for six matches due to his subpar performance. However, he claimed that Spower adamantly refused to participate in the following days. Manya expressed his belief that it was unjust not to give Joker an opportunity, especially since Joker had been benched despite others performing better.

Following this, Spower shared a statement on his Instagram story. He emphasized that internal team matters should remain private and acknowledged that there are always two sides to a story. He stated his eagerness to compete officially and expressed that his focus was on playing as many matches as possible and contributing to his team’s success. Spower clarified that he had no interest in creating controversy or seeking media attention and requested that people refrain from forming judgments without being fully informed about the situation.

While rumors persist, Blind Esports is yet to make any official announcements regarding Spower’s status in the team.