SPS New State Mobile Open Challenger Finale: Teams, Results, Schedule, Format, More

All Teams Invited for SPS New State Mobile Open India Challenger Stage

The ongoing Snapdragon Pro Series New State Mobile Open India is all set to enter its final two stages for which it is shifting to an offline format and is scheduled to take place from 26th to 27th January.

Finally, the stage has been set to witness a clash between the top 24 teams, as they prepare to butt heads on LAN against each other to finally conclude the month-long tournament with a new champion.

Here is everything you need to know about the SPS New State Mobile Open India Challenger Finale where the competition for the tournament turns up a notch.

: To take a detailed look at the Open Qualifier Finale, click here. To Take a detailed look at the Challenger Stage, click here.

SPS New State Mobile Open India Challenger Finale: Complete Details

ESL India in collaboration with NODWIN Gaming is organizing this New State Mobile tournament in India, which is the biggest in terms of the total prize pool (INR 1,00,00,000) and overall size of the competition.

The event kicked off as a grassroots-level tournament but has transitioned into a top-tier competition, building up the excitement through some top-notch action.

A total of 24 teams will be competing as part of the Challenger Finale, a mix of direct invites and teams that have fought all the way through the Open Qualifiers.

All qualified teams have been divided into three groups of eight teams each for the Challenger Finale.

The Challenger Finale will be taking place from 26th to 27th January with all 24 teams taking on each other across two match days.

On each day, a total of six maps will be played in the following manner,

  • Map 1, 7 – Erangel | A x B | 17:00 (IST)

  • Map 2, 8 – Troi | A x B | 17:50 (IST)

  • Map 3, 9 – Erangel | A x C | 18:40 (IST)

  • Map 4, 10 – Troi | A x C | 19:30 (IST)

  • Map 5, 11 – Erangel | B x C | 20:20 (IST)

  • Map 6, 12 – Troi | B x C | 21:10 (IST)

Information about how this stage of the tournament will be played out on LAN has not been completely revealed, but most likely the 24 teams will be divided into various groups and following a simple round robin format the competition will continue to progress.

The top 16 teams will then further qualify to the Grand Finale where they will face off one final time on 28th and 29th January to crown the champion.

The tournament carries an overall total prize pool of INR 1,00,00,000 which roughly translates to about $120,927 USD.

All the bottom eight teams which will be eliminated from the SPS New State Mobile Open India Challenger Finale will receive a portion of the total prize pool on the basis of their final placement.

The tournament will be broadcasted live on ESL India along with NODWIN Gaming across multiple streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Loco in Hindi.

Livestream for the tournament will start 17:00 (IST) onwards on each match day.

YouTube – ESL India | NODWIN Gaming

Facebook – ESL India | NODWIN Gaming

Loco – ESL India | NODWIN Gaming


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