SPS New State Mobile Open India Challenger Finale: Groups Revealed

SPS New State Mobile Open India Challenger Finale: Groups Revealed

The stage is set for some serious LAN action at the ongoing Snapdragon Pro Series (SPS) New State Mobile Open India which will be entering its Challenger Finale stage along with the top 24 teams that have fought hard to qualify.

With just a few days remaining for the tournament to kick off again, ESL India has finally revealed information related to the group stage team distribution, as the 24 teams are equally split into three sets of eight teams each.

Here is the complete information about how all the qualified teams have been segregated into different groups and how each of them might play out, with only the top 16 moving ahead to the Grand Finale.

Group Stage information revealed for SPS New State Mobile Open India Challenger Finale

After three stages being played online, the biggest New State Mobile tournament to take place in India with a total prize pool of INR 1,00,00,000 has finally shifted to an offline format.

All 24 teams competing in this stage have fought hard to cement a place for themselves by qualifying through previous stages and here is how they have been divided into three groups of eight teams each.

  1. Team ESN

  2. Team GodLike

  3. Reckoning Esports

  4. Deadrow Esports

  5. UDOG India

  6. FS Esports

  7. Hyderabad Hydras

  8. Big Brother Esports

There will be a strong support for Team GodLike in this group, which was the best team during the previous Challenger Stage. The only other team in this group that could actually give it competition is Big Brother Esports. These two teams have the highest chance of qualifying ahead from this group.

  1. True Rippers Esports

  2. Kingsman

  3. Chemin Esports

  4. Revenant Esports

  5. Global Esports

  6. Team Tamilas

  7. Team XO

  8. Team S8UL

With teams like S8UL and XO in the mix, it is never going to be easy going for others, always keeping them on their toes and demanding that extra bit of push if they actually want to continue ahead.

  1. Team iNSANE Esports

  2. TWOB

  3. Skylightz Gaming

  4. Team Zero Gravity

  5. Wanted Gaming

  6. Team NEXGEN

  7. Gods Reign

  8. Team XSpark

This is going to be one of the toughest groups with a lot of teams that have shown brilliant form in the past stages – Gods Reign, Skylightz, NEXGEN, 7Sea, have delivered scintillating performances and will be a force to reckon with going ahead.

Out of the 24 teams competing in this stage of the tournament only the top 16 will move ahead to the Grand Finale, which will be the last step before a champion is crowned. The winner will undoubtedly be the current best New State Mobile team in India and could have a chance to compete in future international tournaments as well.


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