Stalwart Esports Wanted To Sign Former S8UL Esports’ New State Mobile Roster

In a recent livestream, Towqeer Gilkar, co-founder of Stalwart Esports, stated that the organization wanted to sign S8UL Esports’ former New State Mobile roster. However, the organization couldn’t sign the roster at the end.

S8UL Esports’ New State Mobile roster showed a commendable performance at The Esports Club New State Open, the first ever New State Mobile LAN event in India. The team was consistent throughout the tournament and won it with a considerable lead. The roster included the following players: Prince “Sypher” Gupta, Rohan “Reflexer“, Sahil “JaaT” Blloda, and Balyogi “BalluOG” Prajapati. However, S8UL Esports did not officially onboard the roster in the organization, and it was only signed for a single tournament.

Stalwart Esports couldn’t sign S8UL Esports’ former New State Mobile roster

In a recent livestream, Gilkar was watching PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 (PMGC 2022) and answering his audience’s questions. One of his viewers asked him whether Stalwart Esports is planning to sign a New State Mobile roster anytime soon. Responding to Gilkar stated, “We were in discussion with a roster, but at that time, the roster was already playing for S8UL Esports.” Following this, he added, “I was under the impression that the players were already signed by S8UL Esports, but that was not the case. So, we were like; it was not a big deal. There will be many opportunities, even in New State Mobile, that can come up in multiple ways.”

On 2nd December, GodLike Esports announced that it had signed a New State Mobile roster. The announcement revealed that the organization had fielded a five player roster, including three former New State Mobile players of S8UL Esports, one former player of Team IND, and one from Gods Reign.Â

It included the following players:Â

  • BalluOG

  • JaaT

  • Aman “Razor”

  • Rohit “Cravey” Singh

  • Reflexer

Following the announcement, S8UL Esports manager Siddhant “Sid” Joshi revealed that while he was discussing with the players about signing them, they revealed that another organization had already approached them with a higher offer. He did not mention the name of the organization but explicitly mentioned that it was not GodLike Esports.


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