Star Guardian 2022 Skins Leaked With Seraphine Wild Rift Exclusive Skin

The Star Guardian skin line is one of the most popular skin lines in both League of Legends (LoL) PC and Wild Rift. The themed skin line may be returning in the future with its next set of cosmetics. The data miners have uncovered several in-game assets featuring an exclusive skin for Wild Rift along with three new Legendary tier skins. For now, only the Star Guardian Seraphine skin is said to be released in the mobile MOBA title. The rest of the Star Guardian skins are set to be released on the PC version in the future with no specific date announced.

Star Guardian Seraphine Wild Rift exclusive skin leaked

According to the data miner , the next generation of the Star Guardians may soon be released with brand new skins for both LoL PC and Wild Rift variants. The new skins featured champions such as Rell and Taliyah who are yet to be released in the mobile version of the game.

Other champions include Kai’Sa, Akali, Ekko, Sona, Morgana, and a mysterious Melee Bot Laner which was believed by fans to be Samira.

According to the data miner, Wild Rift will have one exclusive skin which is the Star Guardian Seraphine skin. However, no preview for the skin has been revealed so far.

Here is the complete list of leaked Star Guardian Skins for the year 2022;

  • Star Guardian Kai’Sa (Legendary)

  • Star Guardian Akali (Legendary)

  • Star Guardian Ekko (Legendary + Prestige Edition)

  • Star Guardian Rell

  • Star Guardian Taliyah

  • Star Guardian Sona

  • Star Guardian Morgana

  • Star Guardian Melee Bot Laner

  • Star Guardian Seraphine (Wild Rift Exclusive Skin)

Riot Games is yet to confirm the leaks provided by data miners. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled on how many Star Guardian skins will be arriving in Wild Rift soon.

This isn’t the first time Wild Rift had its own exclusive skins that can’t be acquired on the PC version. The last major event to feature an exclusive skin was the Lunar Revel event where the Lunar Beast Miss Fortune was the highlight of the event in Wild Rift.


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