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About Status

Status is an open source messaging platform and mobile interface to interact with
decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum Network.

The messenger form-factor is chosen to make Ethereum feel as familiar as possible to the
average smartphone user, while providing a flexible platform for DApp developers, aimed to
maximise the amount of daily use of Ethereum’s public blockchain.

SNT Token

The Status Network token is a modular utility token that fuels the Status network. This
includes a Decentralized Push Notification Market, Governance of the Status client,
Community Curation of content, along with social communication tools such as Tribute to
Talk. We also propose a fiat-to-crypto ‘Teller Network’, DApp Directory, Sticker Market, and
demonstrate our research on a User Acquisition Engine to grow the Network.

With the issuance of the the Status Network Token (‘SNT’), we create a Users-as-Stakeholders
network, allowing the behaviour of the network and its software, to become aligned with the
interests of its Users.
The Status Network Token is required for certain features of the client. In addition, it enables
users to steer the direction of development and influence how the network evolves over time.
A benefit of this model is the network efects it creates. Just as Facebook shifted our social
attention to build network efects on its closed platform, the Status Network Token will
leverage our economic attention to build the network efect of an open platform.
We believe that cryptoeconomic systems will have even stronger pull than the social ones.
Our survival instincts, which heavily influence our economic interests, are stronger than
purely social ones, thus leading to faster adoption of Ethereum and tokens as technologies.

Coin Website:
Total Supply of Tokens: 6,804,870,175 SNT
Protocol: Ethereum

Long Term Price Prediction

Presented below is a long term price prediction table that was made using available market and coin information to predict possible future peaks and low points in this assets price. Flizzyy offers informational price predictions and not financial investment advice.

Year Est. Min. Price Est. Max. Price
2024 0.018$ 0.098$
2025 0.047$ 0.156$
2026 0.085$ 0.423$
2027 0.106$ 0.497$
2028 0.175$ 0.506$
2029 0.264$ 0.729$
2030 0.449$ 1.260$
2035 0.895$ 5.580$

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