STB Launches Interactive Game Singapore Wanderland On Roblox

Singapore Tourism Board on ‘STB Launches A One-Of-A-Kind Interactive Game Singapore Wanderland On Roblox’. Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched Singapore Wanderland on Roblox, marking its first foray into one of the world’s most popular online game platforms.

Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched Singapore Wanderland on Roblox, marking its first foray into one of the world’s most popular online game platforms. The new game is a whimsical take on Singapore, drawing over two million visits since the beta version launched on 11 May 2023. As part of STB’s efforts to reach new audiences, Singapore Wanderland aims to offer an elevated and immersive gaming experience to Indians. Read on to learn more below. For future updates on Gaming and Esports, follow

STB Launches A One-Of-A-Kind Interactive Game Singapore Wanderland On Roblox

To reimagine Singapore in the metaverse, STB worked with established gaming specialist Publicis Play and Roblox developer Wonder Works Studio to develop the immersive experience over five months. Singapore Wanderland puts a playful spin on real-life attractions in three mini-games, where players earn magic orchids to transform a garden with STB’s destination mascot Merli.

The experience is based on popular entertainment formats on Roblox and aims to drive affinity for Singapore by featuring elements inspired by our destination icons. For example, users can express themselves through fun personalization options. They can amass virtual collectibles to customize their avatars, such as a Supertree hat, a Singapore Flyer Backpack and a Lotus race car.

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STB Launches Interactive Game Singapore Wanderland On Roblox

New content such as quests and prizes will be progressively added to keep the Singapore Wanderland experience fresh and engaging.

“STB is constantly exploring creative ways and fresh channels to engage new audiences and connect with potential travellers. Singapore Wanderland demonstrates how we push the boundaries of innovation while inspiring travel to Singapore. We are committed to the Indian market, and through this launch, our intent is to offer a unique, interactive gaming experience to the Indian players and welcome them to explore Singapore virtually. This platform also extends an avenue  for tourism partners to collaborate with us in the virtual world to create impact in the real world,” said Mr. Kenneth Lim, Assistant Chief Executive, Marketing Group, Singapore Tourism Board.

“Beyond a conventional garden, Gardens by the Bay is a horticultural attraction that reaches out to a broad and diverse audience, and not just the typical plant enthusiast. We are excited to be part of STB’s experience on Roblox, which aligns with our commitment to embracing new frontiers and engaging with our audience in innovative ways. Singapore Wanderland is a creative platform in the digital realm to introduce the blend of horticultural excellence and sustainable technology that makes Gardens by the Bay so unique, to even more people from all over the world,” said Ms. May Yeo, Assistant CEO of Gardens by the Bay.

Roblox has over 60 million daily active users worldwide, allowing STB to reach key markets such as India, among others. It also offers a new way to reach the family segment, as over half of the users on Roblox are under 18 years old. Furthermore, the virtual world allows STB to explore new monetisation and partnership opportunities. 

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