Steam Deck 2 Isn’t Releasing Any Time Soon According to Valve As Community Shares Love for the Portable Gaming Console


The Steam Deck is one of the most innovative portable gaming consoles, as it puts the power of a PC, right in the palm of your hands. The library of games for the console also keeps increasing with Cyberpunk 2077 as the latest addition to the humongous list of Steam Deck verified games. Steam Deck has recently completed its one year anniversary

The Deck recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. On this occasion, Valve Designer Lawrence Yang and Valve Engineer Pierre Loup Griffais gave an interview to Rock Paper Shotgun. The interview shed a lot of insights on how the year has treated Steam Deck, and how the community has responded to this portable gaming device.

Steam Deck 2 isn’t going to arrive any time soon

Griffais has stated that the Steam Deck will likely be a “solid target” for the whole of this generation. He added that the work required for this will not be as easy as tweaks to the Deck UX, but more towards games in order for them to perform well. Yang chimed in stating that a “true next-gen Deck” with upgraded specs will not arrive for the next “few years”.

42% Steam Deck owners prefer the device over other gaming consoles

The report also featured an intriguing stat about 42% of Steam Deck owners preferring the Valve console to play their favorite Steam games on the Deck compared to any other device. Yang and Griffais are also excited to see the variety of use cases they have seen amongst the owners and are happy that they love the device as much as the team did through its prototype stages.

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