Steam Has Already Revealed the Schedule for All the 2023 Sales and Fests as a New Half-Life Mod Adds Ray-Tracing to Game


Valve-owned Steam has just announced the official schedule for all of the platform’s major sales and fests for 2023. This includes the dates of many of Steam’s seasonal, themed sale, and Next Fests for the year.

The platform has confirmed that players will experience four seasonal-themed sales this year. Similarly, the Steam Next Fest, which took place earlier this month, will happen thrice in 2023 for fans to experience demos of new titles arriving in the near future.

When it comes to themed sales, Steam has planned on highlighting a certain category of games in each of these fests. Players can expect to see free games, demos, discounted releases, and more, during these fests.

In case you’re planning on marking the upcoming fests on your calendar, here’s a look at the schedule of all the Steam sales happening this year:

  • Mystery Fest: February 20 – 27
  • Spring Sale: March 16 – 23
  • Puzzle Fest: April 24 – May 1
  • Sports Fest: May 15 – 22
  • Next Fest: June 19 – 26
  • Summer Sale: June 29 – July 13
  • Stealth Fest: July 24 – 31
  • Visual Novel Fest: August 7 – 14
  • Strategy Fest: August 28 – September 4
  • SHMUP Fest: September 25 – October 2
  • Next Fest: October 9 – 16
  • Return of Steam Scream Fest: October 2 – November 2
  • Autumn Sale: November 21 – 28
  • Winter Sale: December 21 – January 4, 2024

Half-Life (1998) mod adds ray-tracing to the title

Fans of Half-Life (1998) can revisit the iconic title, thanks to a new mod that adds ray-tracing to the game.

After unveiling his plans to bring forth ray-tracing technology to the 25-year-old game, modder Sultim Tsyrendashiev has finally completed his work. Tsyrendashiev is a pioneer in the modding world, as his works include ray-tracing mods for games like Doom, Quake, and more.

As promised by Tsyrendashiev, the mod is available to download through his GitHub. Players will need a copy of the title from Steam, and they can install the mod by following the given instructions.

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