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Steam: Valve Makes It Easier for Gamers to Find Video Games That Support Hindi and Other Languages, Here Is How to Get Started


Steam has revealed a new feature that will let players easily find games translated in their languages. You can now indicate languages like Hindi, Indonesian, Slovak, Malay, Arabic, Hebrew, Serbian, and any other supported by Windows in your Steam language preferences while searching for games.

“Starting a few weeks ago, we made it possible for developers to tag their games with this expanded set of languages,” Steam revealed. “In the time since, we’ve seen over 500 games add indication of support for one of these new languages.”

“Of course this is just the beginning, as more developers make use of these new tools to indicate support that may already be available in games, as well as when releasing new games.”

How to Set Language Preference on Steam

When you set a preferred language, content in that language will appear for you on Steam. The platform will also recommend you games in that language. Steam gives you the option of setting primary and secondary languages.

  • Primary Language will determine what language the Steam user interface is presented in, along with content across the Steam store and community, such as game descriptions and user-generated content.
  • Secondary Languages will allow you to see content in these languages such as store page descriptions and user reviews if not available in your primary language.
  • Additional Game Content Languages are not supported for Steam UI, store page descriptions, or user content, but will help you find games with content available in your languages.

It is a straightforward process. You can go to your Steam account settings and select language preferences, or you can go there straight via this link.

If a game on Steam supports your language, it will automatically appear first on game store pages. Steam will also tell you if your game doesn’t support the language you chose. You can also search and filter by your languages while looking for games. Your selected languages will appear first in the filters. Take a look at all games on Steam that support Hindi.

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