Stowm and Oheb Were Rivals Back When They Were Amateur MLBB Players

The local Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) tournaments in the Philippines (PH) paved the way for aspiring amateurs to enter the esports scene. Now as a pro player, Bren Esports’ rookie Mid Laner, Dale “Stowm” Rolan Vidor shared the story of his old rivalry with one of the most iconic MLBB pro players in the world. Through a video titled “MPL Stories S9” Stowm revealed that he and Blacklist International’s star Gold Laner Kiel “OHEB” Calvin Soriano used to be rivals back when they were amateur MLBB players. Setting their past rivalry aside, Stowm now wishes to be close friends with his former rival now that they are both pro players.

Stowm and Oheb had a history of being rivals

A lot of MLBB fans are already familiar with Blacklist International’s “Filipino Sniper” OHEB. However, a new story emerged as Bren Esports’ Stowm revealed that he and OHEB had a bit of history back when they were still amateurs and competing in local tournaments.

Through Bren Esport’s YouTube video, the rookie was asked which player from other teams would he like to be close friends with. Stowm replied that he is quite reserved and doesn’t usually talk to people but “if I would be close to someone, it would probably be OHEB because we’ve been competing against each other in tournaments in Tarlac [a city in the Philippines] before he became pro.”

He also added that his rather reserved personality is one of his regrets during the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) PH Season 9. He believes that his habit of keeping things to himself may have affected his chemistry with Bren Esports. “I should have been vocal from the start and said what I’m thinking… I couldn’t talk to all of them, even the coaches.”

Despite his team falling hard this season, Stowm remains determined that Bren Esports will be able to get back to its championship form in the upcoming MPL PH Season 10. “I won’t rest like ‘stop playing ML’ or something like that, I don’t want to lose my grip. So, stay tuned next season.”

Stowm also thanked his teammates for giving him the opportunity to experience and enjoy competing on a professional level. He also hopes that Bren Esports’ squad remains intact for the next season.

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