Stowm Happy to Finally Be Part of a Main Five Lineup Under Omega Esports


The former Bren Esports amateur standout Dale “Stowm” Vidor expressed his happiness at finally getting the chance to be a part of the main five roster under Omega Esports. The pro player debuted under Bren Esports as its trusty 6th man. However, he only saw a small portion of the spotlight under the M2 World Champion. With Omega Esports acquiring Stowm as its main mid laner for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 11, the pro player shared his excitement to finally play on the big stage as part of the main lineup and not just a substitute player.

Stowm ecstatic to finally play a big part of Omega Esports’ roster

Through a post match interview, after Omega Esports’ impressive sweep victory against RSG Slate PH, Stowm shared his thoughts on taking Patrick “E2MAX” Caidic mantle as the Mid Laner.

“I’m so happy, I’ve been a sixth man for so long and I’m getting tired of [only playing] in scrims. I [became a pro player] because I love playing so I was very happy to finally prove myself as part of the main five here in Omega [Esports],” said Stowm.

He added that he still has a lot to show in upcoming matches that fans should look forward to. “It’s so exciting because I know I have so much to show for our fans.”

Stowm’s explosive performance as the team’s mid laner led to Omega Esports securing a win against RSG Slate PH. 

The star mid laner pulled off a 46% team fight participation in game 1 with a solid one kill, three deaths, and five assists on Valentina. His presence was more prominent in the second game with a massive 80% kill participation resulting in two kills, no deaths, and six assists on Pharsa.

It will be interesting if Stowm can keep his momentum going and help Omega Esports win the MPL PH Season 11 championship title.

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