Suicide Squad Joker Gameplay and Backstory Revealed – Flizzyy

Recently, the post-launch roadmap for Suicide Squad was revealed, showcasing a tasty tidbit announcing that Joker would be making his way into the universe as a playable character. However, this understandably confused fans – but Rocksteady has an explanation for the arrival of Suicide Squad’s Joker.

He’s not the canonical Arkham Joker, but an Elseworlds Joker. This was explained by Rocksteady in a short breakdown. It was stressed that Joker was part of the Suicide Squad in the Elseworld that he’s from, which is a topic in DC comics that’s much like the MCU’s Multiverse – it’s a series of alternate realities that strays from the ‘continuity’ of established storylines.

Vaudeville Joker Returns

In the short breakdown clip, Rocksteady’s developers explained that this Joker is a little more ‘back to basics’, returning to his vaudeville roots as a villain and bringing something a little less ‘experienced’ to the table than a supervillain might do. He’s described as being unhinged and unsure of himself and those around him.

In Suicide Squad, he uses a rocket-powered umbrella to zip around the map, which makes him highly versatile, and playing as him is almost reminiscent of the high-speed, ‘never-stop-moving’ mechanics seen in 2014’s Sunset Overdrive.

Rocksteady promised that they’re building up a roster of characters that will be released periodically in Suicide Squad, sticking true to the live service model they’ve professed thus far. They said it’s akin to a comic series, with each new ‘episode’ bringing a new character to the fight.

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