Swara Bhasker Criticizes Jains Who Disguised Themselves as Muslims to Rescue Goats on Bakra Eid


Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker, known for her bold and fearless approach in the industry, often finds herself in the spotlight due to her involvement in protests and critiques of governmental policies. Despite the controversies, she never hesitates to speak on social issues, often sparking significant reactions.

Swara Bhasker

Recently, Swara took to social media to criticize a netizen for a ‘proud vegetarian’ post on Bakri Eid. Her focus then shifted to a group of Jains in Delhi who had disguised themselves as Muslims to save goats from being slaughtered during the festival. Her post garnered hundreds of mixed reactions.

Swara Bhasker Comments on Jains Disguising as Muslims to Save Goats

In her social media post, Swara questioned the future of the rescued goats. Late on Wednesday night, she posted on her X account, writing:

“I hope the goats have been adopted by the ‘rescuers’ and are being lovingly treated as cherished pets.. Rescue karna hai toh Aagey ki zimmedaari bhi lo!”

She disabled comments on the post.

Netizens React to Swara’s Criticism

Her post was met with harsh criticism online. Many users reshared it, chastising her for mocking those who attempted to save lives. Some also targeted her personal life, particularly her marriage to politician Fahad Ahmad.

Swara Bhasker Reshares Post on Similar Incident

Swara also reshared a tweet suggesting that Jains dressing up as Muslims for Bakri Eid seemed more about “Islamophobia” than religion.

Meanwhile, Swara Bhasker is married to Samajwadi Party leader Fahad Ahmad. The couple, who met at various protests, share a common philosophy of challenging the status quo. They announced their first pregnancy in June 2023 and welcomed their daughter Raabiyaa on September 23.

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