Taapsee Pannu Reveals That Her Acting Journey Began Due To Resemblance to Preity Zinta


Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu shared a surprising fact about her career during a talk show appearance. She revealed that filmmakers initially noticed her because of her resemblance to veteran actress Preity Zinta.

Taapsee, known for her roles in movies like “Pink” and “Thappad,” has become a respected actress for her talent and versatility. However, she admits her entry into Bollywood stemmed from her likeness to another star.

Taapsee Pannu Says She Got Into Films Over Her Resemblance With Preity Zinta, 'Had To Live Up...'

During the interview, Taapsee acknowledged the pressure of living up to Preity Zinta’s reputation in the industry.

She admires Preity’s positive energy and intelligence and felt a responsibility to measure up.

“I was first brought into Bollywood because I share a resemblance with Preity Zinta. She has a very good energy and you know it well. The aura of Preity ma’am is very lively and she seems very intelligent. I felt like I had to live up to her reputation as I was brought into the industry because of her name. So, I always put in an effort to be like her.”



Despite this initial connection, Taapsee has carved her own successful path. Her filmography boasts a variety of hits, showcasing her acting range. In a separate interview, she reflected on her career with pride, highlighting moments where she defied expectations and delivered powerful performances.

“It is easy for me to feel happy or proud. When I say yes to a movie that nobody wants me to do and I end up doing it, and it works… that makes me proud. Or even when there’s a film which nobody thought I could pull off, it fills me with pride.”

Taapsee has also been private about her personal life. She recently married badminton player Mathias Boe, but chose not to publicly announce the wedding. She prefers to keep her close circle small and avoids the scrutiny that can come with sharing such personal details.

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Looking ahead, Taapsee remains focused on choosing quality projects. She recently spoke about prioritizing roles that are meaningful and impactful, ensuring her work endures.