Tales From The Borderlands Sequel in the Works at Gearbox

Tales From The Borderlands Sequel in the Works at

Tales From The Borderlands is one of the top Telltale games published to date, these narrative based games provide the player with a wonderful story and sequences that will never be forgotten. Another great thing about these games is the choices and decisions that a player has to make throughout the campaign, which impacts the path of the game that the player walks on.

The developer of the game, Gearbox has just announced that they will be working on a sequel for this beloved franchise. They announced on a Twitter post that Tales From The Borderlands will be receiving a new adventure, new characters and new tales. They also mentioned that the sequel is being developed for the calendar year of 2022 and is being prepared in partnership with 2K.

The surprising fact of this announcement is that they just announced the arrival of the new title and also announced that it will be coming in 2022 itself. Developers in recent times have been taking their own sweet time to provide the players with the games, this has been mainly because of the pandemic.

Gearbox on the other hand does not seem like it wants to slow down anything in 2022, they already have a new title that has been released, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and also have other Borderlands projects in the making. The upcoming game will be based in the Borderlands universe, as all other games have been. Many characters from Tales have also made an entry into Borderlands series, so it will be exciting to see what characters make a comeback in the new Tales game.

Apart from the new game, the developers have also announced that there is a Borderlands movie in the making for the year of 2022. This movie is being directed by Eli Roth and the screenplay has been written by Craig Mazin. The movie has casted Bobby Lee, Florian Munteanu, Ariana Greenblatt and more. One more thing is that there also a Borderlands comic series in development, again for 2022. So it seems like 2022 is going to be jampacked for the franchise.

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