Team Big Brother Esports Emerges Victorious in Skyesports Skirmish Series for BGMI

Team Big Brother Esports emerged victorious in the Skyesports Skirmish Series for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), cementing their position as one of the top teams in the Indian esports scene. The tournament, presented by Skyesports in association with LOCO, featured a generous prize pool of INR 5,00,000 and open registrations, Team Big Brother Esports not only walked away with INR 2,50,00 but also a slot in the Skyesports Championship 5.0, which will be Lan later this year.

Team Big Brother Esports Secure its Slot for Skyesports Championship 5.0

The intense competition saw Team Big Brother Esports accumulate an impressive total of 163 points, securing three chicken dinners, 72 placement points, and 91 finish points. Its exceptional performance earned it the first-place title.

Team Big Brother Esports is a prominent esports organization that boasts lineups in various gaming titles, including BGMI, Free Fire, and New State Mobile. Team Big Brother Esports’ BGMI Lineup comprises of

  • BBxSarvit

  • BBxEzePzee

  • BBxUzumaki

  • BBxSaiF

  • BBxRishi

  • BBxKombat

Among the team’s standout players, BBxUzumaki and BBxSarvit claimed top spots in the fraggers’ list. BBxUzumaki secured an impressive second place with 28 finishes, while BBxSarvit closely followed in third place with 25 finishes. Their consistent performance and ability to secure crucial kills played a significant role in Team Big Brother Esports’ overall success.

Notably, Team Orange Rock Esports and Team Enigma Forever finished the tournament with the same total points, both accumulating 128 points. However, due to Orange Rock Esports having secured more chicken dinners, they were awarded the second-place position, while Team Enigma Forever settled for third place.

Skyesports had previously hosted the Skyesports Champions Series, featuring an even more substantial prize pool of INR 2,500,000. The top two teams from that tournament were rewarded with slots in the highly anticipated Skyesports Championship 5.0. Blind Esports emerged as the champions of the Champions Series, and Team Soul claimed the runner-up position, Both teams secured their slots in the upcoming Skyesports Championship 5.0.

Shiva Nandy, the founder of Skyesports, has been teasing fans with exciting prospects for the upcoming Skyesports Championship 5.0. He recently expressed that the event would surpass all expectations, promising an unforgettable experience for players and viewers alike. Nandy had hinted through his Instagram stories that Skyesports Championship 5.0 would be a LAN event with the audience and most likely to happen in Bangalore.

As fans eagerly anticipate the Skyesports Championship 5.0, the lineup of confirmed teams continues to grow. Among the teams securing their spots in the highly anticipated tournament are Blind Esports, Team Soul, and the victorious Team Big Brother Esports.