Team Godlike on the Verge of Elimination From BGMS Season 2

Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 has proven to be difficult for some of the experienced teams. Teams like OR Esports, Blind Esports, Team Soul, Team Insane and Numen Gaming have dominated the tournament so far.

Various experienced teams, like Revenant Esports and Team Godlike, have failed to show their presence in the tournament. Both these teams are on the verge of elimination from BGMS Season 2.

Team Godlike may get eliminated from BGMS Season 2

BGMS Season 2 has been tough for Team Godlike. The team has put forth sub par performances in all the three stages of the tournament i.e. Launch Week, League Week 1 and League Week 2.

Team Godlike’s roster consists of Jonathan “Jonathan” Jude Amaral, Suraj “Neyoo” Nityanand Majumdar, Abhishek “Zgod” Choudhary, Arjun “Shadow” Mandhalkar, and Rudra “Spower”.

After showcasing a decent performance in the Launch Week of BGMS Season 2, Team Godlike failed to qualify for Super Weekend 1 after a sub par showing in League Week 1. It started League Week 2 with some amazing gameplay and was placed in the top 8 after the first three days. Team Godlike had two matches on the last day of League Week 2 and a couple of points in both the games would have ensured its spot in the Super Weekend 2. 

It was able to secure only 3 points in two matches on Day 4 of League Week 2 which led to its elimination.

Here is the match summary of Team Godlike for the last two matches on Day 4.

Match 2 Sanhok: Team Godlike took its usual drop on Pai Nan. It was in the center of the zone for the first couple of circles. After stage five the circle moved away from the team and it was caught off guard by WSB Gaming while rotating into the zone. It was eliminated with 1 finish point and 1 placement point. 

Match 3 Erangel: Team Godlike started the last match of League Week 2 on a bad note as Godlike Neyoo and Godlike Zgod were caught off guard by Global Esports and were eliminated. Soon after, it suffered another blow as Godlike Spower was caught alone by Orangutan and was eliminated. Team Godlike’s Shadow was the lone surviving player and was eliminated by OR Esports in 11th place with just 1 placement point.

Team Godlike played League Week 2 without their star fragger Jonathan because of his health issues. It currently has 41 total points from BGMS Season 2 Launch Week. Team Godlike has not yet been eliminated from the playoffs of BGMS Season 2 as there are a couple of teams below it in the overall points standings.  

Team Godlike is hoping for a miracle and for maybe the bottom placed teams to falter as it is on the verge of elimination from BGMS Season 2. Fans will want to see their favorite team qualify and prove its worth in the tournament.