Team SouL’s Coach Discusses Hector as the IGL of the Team


Team SouL’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) coach Amit “Amit” Dubey recently shed light on why Sohail “Hector” Shaikh was converted from an in-game leader (IGL) to a support player. Amit explained that the team had given Hector several opportunities to lead the team as an IGL, but he struggled to control the team as a leader. He further revealed that Hector’s difficulty stemmed from his inability to control the confident calls from his teammate. As a result, the team decided to convert Hector to a support player.

Team SouL’s coach explains why Hector was transitioned to the support role

. The team put forth an incredible performance throughout the tournament and accumulated 358 points, including 118 placement points and 240 finish points, a huge lead of 92 points from the runner-up Revenge Esports. Notably, the Team’s IGL Sahil “Omega” Jakhar and assaulter Akshat “AkshaT” Goel did not participate in the event, and instead, Naman “Neyo” and Blind Esports’ Rudra “SPower” B played in the team. As the team lacked the IGL, Hector took charge and fulfilled the role of the IGL.

As the team showed a commendable performance under Hector’s leadership, fans were curious to know why Hector got the support role on the team. In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Amit the story behind Hector transitioning to a support player. Responding to this, Amit revealed that the team tried to play with Hector as the IGL of the team, and despite his best efforts, Hector struggled to control the team as a leader. “We have tried giving Hector control of the team for a long time. We gave him two days, three days, or even a week to play the role of IGL and control the team. But what used to happen was that he could not control Omega’s calls,” he said.

Further explaining the situation, Amit said, “When Omega used to ask, as a support player, whether they should rush or not, Omega’s calls used to be so confident that Hector had to say yes, even when he was not comfortable and did not want to pick a fight or was not confident about the fight.”

Amit explained that Hector and the team understood Hector’s inability to control Omega’s calls. As a result, it was decided that Omega would continue as the IGL. “The problem is that if you want to lead Omega as the IGL, then you have to be a lot more dominant,” he added.

Although Hector’s performance as the IGL was impressive, Omega would be the main IGL of the team. However, it will be exciting to see how Amit utilizes Hector’s ability to lead the team in the absence of Omega.

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