Team SouL’s Coach Shares His Desire to Dominate on the International Stage


Amit “Amit” Dubey is a former PUBG professional player and is currently the coach for Team SouL’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) team. Recently, he expressed his burning desire to outperform the competition on the global PUBG Mobile (global version of BGMI) stage despite facing disappointment in his previous attempts. He stated that while he does not necessarily aspire to win an international tournament outright, he at least wants to see an outstanding performance from his players. He also acknowledged that Team SouL could not perform up to the mark in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022 (PMWI 2022) because it could not adapt to the competition.

Amit aims to replicate Team SouL’s domestic level performance on the international stage

Amit expressed his desire to perform well on the international stage, citing his past experiences as a player and coach. He stated that he has been to the international scenario four to five times but has been disappointed with the end results every time. “I am talking about my personal experience as a player or coach. So, I also have a fire in me about that thing (performing well on the international stage),” he added.

Amit stated that while he does not necessarily aspire to win the tournament outright, he at least wanted to showcase the same level of domination that the four players of the top five teams display in international tournaments. He stated that Team SouL’s players do show similar performance at the domestic level but he wants to replicate the dominance and consistent performance on the global stage. “I believe we lack confidence on the global stage,” he added.

Team SouL was the only Indian team to qualify for the prestigious PUBG Mobile World Invitation 2022. The team put on a decent performance and finished in the 11th position. Although the team was one of the strongest in India, it failed to show an outstanding performance. This may be attributed to the absence of global matchmaking in the Indian variant of PUBG Mobile – BGMI. The lack of global matchmaking has isolated the Indian PUBG Mobile competition, which might have stunted the growth.

Talking about the team’s performance in PMWI 2022, Amit pointed out that the team could not perform up to its full potential because the players were not able to adapt to the competition. “Every player knows that they faced problems in adapting,” he added.

Despite facing a setback on the stage of PMWI 2022, Amit aims to achieve success on the international stage. With his experience as both a player and coach, Amit is well-placed to guide Team SouL towards greater success on the global stage, and his passion and dedication to the game are sure to inspire his teammates to push themselves to new heights.

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