TeamXSpark to Stop Playing New State Mobile


Popular content creator and owner of TeamXSpark (TX), Tanmay “Scout” Singh, spoke about the team’s future plans for New State Mobile and the potential return of Krafton’s currently suspended title – Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). He stated that the team would not be playing the game after the ongoing Villager Esports (VE) Winter Masters 2023. On a positive note, Scout expressed his optimism that BGM would make a comeback in the next two to three months but was not entirely certain about it.

Scout states TeamXSpark will stop playing New State Mobile, talks about BGMI’s potential return

In a recent livestream, a viewer requested Scout to play BGMI. Scout replied, “I think you don’t watch my stream in the afternoon. I play BGMI in the afternoon on Loco. I play scrims- tier 1, where all your favorite teams join us, including us. We practice 12 to 6 daily.”

Following this, Scout spoke about TeamXSpark’s future in New State Mobile. He stated that the team would not be playing the game after the conclusion of the ongoing Villager Esports (VE) Winter Masters 2023, as the game’s publisher has not yet revealed the esports roadmap for the game. “Until we get an official announcement from New State Mobile, Tx won’t be playing New State Mobile. VE is the last New State Mobile tournament that Tx is going to play. VE will be our last tournament because there is no (esports) roadmap from New State Mobile’s end,” he said.

However, Scout clarified that this didn’t necessarily mean that TeamXSpark was going to be concentrating on BGMI because of its potential return. “This does not mean that I am saying BGMI is returning. I am still expecting two to three more months. BGMI shall hopefully return in two to three months. However, if it does not, then don’t come behind me with knives. Because I don’t fool anyone for clout,” he said.

While Scout was hopeful about the game’s return, he did not want his viewers to believe he had any special insight or insider information. Scout clarified that he does not have any contact among the officials that could call him and tell him the tentative date of the game’s return.

Team SouL’s professional BGMI player Sohail “Hector” Shaikh, who recently switched to New State Mobile, also announced his departure from the game on 19th February. With players and teams leaving the game, it will be interesting to see what steps Krafton takes to build the esports ecosystem of the game.

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