Techno Gamerz Features as Playable Game Character in Battle Stars

Techno Gamerz Features as Playable Game Character in Battle Stars

One of the top gaming streamers and creators from India, Techno Gamerz, has been included by SuperGaming as a playable in-game character in one of their latest mobile game title called Battle Stars.

SuperGaming’s co-founder, Sanket Nadhani, clarified that Techno Gamerz would be featured in the game as a proper full-fledged individual character, not just another skin.

This means he will not be just another cosmetic item for a pre-existing game character. Instead, it will be a whole new player model in itself which allows designers to mold him similar to the actual person seamlessly and with a higher degree of accuracy.

SuperGaming’s latest mobile title Battle Stars to feature popular Indian gaming YouTuber Techno Gamerz

The truest variety gaming streamer and content creator on YouTube from India, Techno Gamerz, who has a following of more than 33 million on YouTube and over 2.6 million followers on Instagram has been added to a new mobile game called Battle Stars.

This in-game character is called Techno and is entirely based on the real person complete with identical hairstyle, iconic headband, and the overall built.

However, in order to obtain him in the game users will have to purchase the ‘Techno Quest’ package worth INR 99 which consists of Techno, Premium Crates, Hero Cards, Gems, Gold, and Resources.

Once the character is unlocked, all players interested in chilling with Techno Gamerz in real life can start grinding the game, with the top 100 ranked players on the leaderboard getting an opportunity to meet him during a fun upcoming event.

Talking about Techno, it has a total base life of 2970 hitpoints and is equipped with a weapon that fires a quick burst of bullets each time the user fires. It has a maximum of three ammo storage in total and takes time to recharge automatically.

Battle Stars is the latest mobile game released by SuperGaming and it is a 4v4 fast-paced, quick, fun online multiplayer shooting game. It features multiple characters with their own functions and unique abilities.

The two teams face each other across multiple maps that offer additional exciting power-ups that players can collect and try to win the game by eliminating the other team.


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