Tencent invites Vampire Esports and Team Falcons to PMGC 2022 League Stage  

PMWI 2022 champion Vampire Esports and Team Falcons have been invited to PMGC League (Image via PUBG Mobile)

On October 15, Tencent disclosed that the Vampire Esports from Thailand and Team Falcons from Saudi Arabia have been invited to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) League Stage based on their performances in the PMWI 2022. The mega event will take place from November 22 and will have a gigantic prize pool of $4 million.

With this announcement, the teams for all 48 slots of the League Stage have been unveiled by PUBG Mobile. However, one of the three Grand Finals slots is yet to be announced. It has also been confirmed that no Indian BGMI team will be present in the PMGC League Stage.

So far, 27 out of a total of 51 teams have secured their tickets in the Global Championship. The remaining rosters in the league will advance through regional championships.

Qualified teams for PMGC 2022 so far

Grand Finals

  1. Team SMG
  2. Alter Ego Limax

League Stage

  1. Nova Esports
  2. LGD Esports
  3. Bigetron RA
  4. Evos Reborn
  5. The Infinity
  6. Bacon Time
  7. Geek Fam
  8. 4Rivals
  9. D’Xavier
  10. Box Gaming
  11. GodLike Stalwart
  12. IHC Esports
  13. i8 Esports
  14. R8 Esports
  15. Nigma Galaxy
  16. One Million Esports
  17. S2G Esports
  18. Besiktas Esports
  19. Game Lord
  20. Knights
  21. Furious Gaming
  22. emTek StromX
  23. Damwon Gaming
  24. Vampire Esports
  25. Team Falcons

The top teams from each of the four regional Fall Championships will advance to the League Stage. The top two from the PMJL Season 2 and the Brazil regional rankings will move to the League Stage as well. Meanwhile, the PEL PMGC Qualifier and the PMPS Korea finals have one slot each.

Vampire and Team Falcons’ performances in PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022

The 2022 World Invitational, held in August, was completely dominated by Thai team Vampire Esports. The event had two stages, with a huge prize pool of $3 million and featured top squads from around the world, with Vampire winning both the stages in dominant fashion.

The main event, which was conducted from August 11 to 13, saw a thrilling contest between the top 18 rosters. Vampire Esports earned top place, while Team Falcons acquired second position after surprising performances throughout the three-day competition.

The second phase was titled “Afterparty Showdown,” and featured the top five squads from the main event along with seven other fan-favorites/direct invites. Vampire once again captured pole position, with Team Falcons holding third spot.

The two-time world champion Nova Esports have cemented their place in the League Stage this time around as well. The Chinese giant will be aiming for a third consecutive world title.

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