Thailand’s Vampire Esports crowned champion of PMWI 2022 Afterparty Showdown 

The 2022 PMWI Afterparty Showdown concluded today with Thai squad Vampire Esports emerging as champions. The team claimed both titles of the event, i.e., the Main Event and the Afterparty. They accumulated 180 points in 18 matches with six chicken dinners. The team was awarded $167K in prize money.

For the second time in two weekends, Vampire Esports picks up the #Gamers8 trophy!!! 🏆🏆

Brazilian giant Alpha 7 Esports slipped to second place with 174 points. The team was in pole position ahead of the final match. Team Falcons secured third place, while Stalwart and Bigetron finished in fifth and sixth place, respectively.

With a great performance in the last two matches, 7SEA Esports jumped three places to ninth spot with 79 points. The team also grabbed a chicken dinner in the fifth match of the day.

Alpha7 Revo77K became the MVP of the event, while Scout won the Fan Favorite Player Award.

PMWI 2022 Afterparty Showdown Day 3 overall standings

Top 8 teams standings and prize pool distribution of PMWI Afterparty Showdown (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Top 8 teams standings and prize pool distribution of PMWI Afterparty Showdown (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 1 – Erangel

Vampire Esports’ winning run continued on Day 3, as they claimed a nine-kill chicken dinner. It was a hat-trick win for the team as they clinched their last two matches on Day 2. The second place was captured by R8 Esports with five kills, while Stalwart grabbed third place with four finishes.

Match 2 – Livik

With another win, Vampire Esports secured consecutive four chicken dinners in the PMWI Afterparty Showdown. The team dethroned Alpha 7 Esports from first position with 147 points in the overall rankings.

Nigma Galaxy (16) and Stalwart Esports (10) also set up a great performance, securing second and third place, respectively. 7SEA Esports picked up four eliminations but were unfortunately eliminated earlier.

7SEA finished ninth in PMWI Afterparty Showdown (Image via PUBG Mobile)
7SEA finished ninth in PMWI Afterparty Showdown (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 3 – Vikendi

Stalwart Esports, with seven eliminations, won the third match. Alpha 7 grabbed second spot with 11 finishes and managed to retain pole position in the overall standings. Vampire Esports’ winning streak ended in this match as they were eliminated earlier with only one frag.

At the end of Day 3 Match 3, Alpha 7 Esports captured first place with 163 points, while Vampire Esports dropped to second spot with 151 points. Team Falcons occupied third place with 112 points, followed Stalwart Esports.

Match 4 – Karakin

Bigetron RA finally managed to win their first chicken dinner at the PMWI 2022 Afterparty, after being eliminated several times in the second and third positions. Damwon Gaming and Vampire Esports acquired second and third place with three kills each.

7SEA Esports got off to a great start in the match with six kills but once again got eliminated without any position points.

Match 5 – Sanhok

The match came as a great relief for India’s 7SEA as the team earned their first chicken dinner with 10 eliminations. With a stellar performance, the squad moved up from the bottom spot for the first time in the event. Nigma Galaxy scored 11 points, while S2G garnered 10 points in the match.

Match 6 – Miramar

Vampire Esports won their sixth chicken dinner of the event with nine kills. The team also managed to grab the title of the event with the help of this win. 7SEA Esports secured second with nine eliminations in the match.

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