The Best 5 Active Ability Characters To Get Before OB33 Update

Garena introduced new characters to their mobile battle royale Free Fire and Free Fire MAX quite frequently. Each character comes with unique abilities and gives you and your team some kind of buff. Some Free Fire characters grant you more movement speed, others healing and others increase your EP. With every new update, Garena makes changes to stats to balance out the game. In the current OB32 update, characters with HP and EP regeneration are the strongest in the meta. Here is our list of characters that will give you an edge in your next match and can be used to build a strong team synergy.

The top 5 active ability characters in Free Fire you should try before the OB33 update


A character based on DJ KSHMR, K is an important pick for any team in the game. His main skill “Master of All”, is a passive ability that boosts the player’s maximum EP by 50 points, and can also be toggled into two different modes called Jiu-jitsu mode and Psychology mode. Jiu-jitsu mode gives all allies within six meters 500% EP conversion, allowing them to heal up faster (as long as they have enough EP). When K changes to Psychology mode, all allies within six meters recover 2 EP every 2s, up to 150 EP. His mode switch also has a very low three second cooldown. In the current meta no one can outclass his EP and HP gain. His near infinite regeneration will keep your team at full health and make him a crucial pick for your squad.


Alok is another Free Fire character who thrives both in a solo and a team setting. Alok’s active ability called Drop the Beat creates a five meter aura around Alok that gives them a 15% speed boost as well as heals them for 5 HP per second for 10 seconds. The speed boost is helpful in catching up to enemies or escaping dangerous situations while his healing gives him that extra bit of utility. All this makes him a good addition to any team comp.


Dmitri is another important character to have on your roster to keep your HP level up. The character based on DJ Dimitri Vegas’ active ability is called “Healing Heartbeat” and creates a 3.5 meter healing zone. Inside it both Dmitri and his allies recover 3HP per second for 15 seconds. Another reason Dmitri is so high on our list of 5 active ability characters to get before OB33 update is because of his second ability to self recover. When downed, Dmitri and his team can revive themselves.


Wolfrahh is a great pick for players who like to play aggressively and drop in crowded locations and pick fights. His unique active ability “Limelight” makes him stronger the more viewers he has. It decreases the damage taken from headshots and increases Wolfrahh’s damage to the enemies’ limbs. For every kill he scores, the damage he takes from headshots is decreased by 5%, up to 30% and damage to the enemy’s limbs increases by 5%, up to 20%. Note that you can use the full potential of Limelight when more players are currently spectating Wolfrahh.


A124 closes out our list of best 5 active ability characters to get before OB33 update due to her ability to convert EP to HP. A124’s ability is called Thrill of Battle and it converts part of the EP into HP. At max level A124 can quickly convert 60 EP into HP in 4s. The ability has a 10 second cooldown. To utilize her ability to the fullest, players will need to use Bonfires or pick up (preferably level 4) mushrooms scattered around the map. Players have a chance to find level 4 mushrooms around Waterfront, Peak, Clock Tower, Mill, Pochinok and Mars Electric. Pick up an A124 for your team along with K to maximize your EP and HP regeneration.

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