The cherry on top of Android 12? A publicly recognized dessert name


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Snow Cone is a go… cone


The Android team’s excitement for its dessert anthology has cooled off in the few years, but that hasn’t stopped hardcore fans from calling Android 10 “Quince Tart.” In addition to the numbers, the alphabetically-ordered sweets helped us viscerally link the OS’s progress and missteps with our attitudes toward them.

With each iteration, Google developers will usually concoct a long dessert name to represent the version in development (New York Cheesecake became Android 7.0 Nougat, for example). We found out early on that for #12 we’d be seeing it referred to as “Snow Cone.”

Fast forward to today and Android engineering VP Dave Burke tweets out this:

As there’s no higher authority in Android-dom than Burke, you may take this as confirmation that the ‘S’ in Android S does, indeed, stand for “Snow Cone.” No word on if a physical statue will go up on Google HQ grounds, though, or even what flavor we’re talking about.

At least we here at Android Police can settle one of these things:

We’ve had to take a lot of medicine over the past couple of years to overcome a global pandemic, so it’s nice to have a spoonful of sugar come in and help it go down.

It also gives us hope that Android 13 will give the letter ‘T’ its just desserts. And by that, we mean tiramisu.


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