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The Dragon Prince: Exclusive Season 4 Clip and Showrunner Interview


Netflix and Wonderstorm have released a clip from the fourth season of its animated series, The Dragon Prince, arriving on the streaming giant on November 3, 2022.

Here’s how Netflix describes Season 4: “Season 4 kicks off the next phase of The Dragon Prince saga, called ‘Mystery of Aaravos.’ This new multi-season arc will see the enigmatic Startouch elf, Aaravos, take center stage—staking his claim to the magical world of Xadia after centuries of careful planning.”

can exclusively reveal the clip from The Dragon Prince Season 4 in the video below or at the top of the page:

We spoke to co-creators and executive producers Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond about the upcoming season. One of the first things we noticed about Season 4 in the trailer is that Ezran (Sasha Rojen) appears to have aged a bit since we last saw him in Season 3.
“We always knew there was going to be a time skip after season three,” Richmond told . “I think as we started talking about what it looked after we finished season three, we needed to be more significant, especially because we knew it was going to take a little while to make the show and we wanted to match that. So after [Netflix] picked it up and stuff we’re, ‘Okay, it’s been about two to three years.’ So we tried to time it with that but also we knew there was going to be this big shift because we wanted to have major things happening in the world that we could then play off of. So you’ll see, there’s some stuff that you’ll see that the world is significantly more advanced from the last time you saw the other side of the border and all that kind of stuff.”

We always knew there was going to be a time skip after Season 3

Another fascinating aspect regarding Season 4 is the addition of “Mystery of Aaravos” to the title. We wanted to know if the series will keep that title moving forward, or is this storyline specific to Season 4? While the creators wouldn’t’ reveal all of their cards on this question, they did shine some light on what we can expect in future seasons.

“Because the story’s going to unfold as it does and we don’t want to reveal what our plans are but yes, the saga is escalating and evolving and the arc of the Mystery of Aaravos is a culmination,” Ehasz explained. “It’s a culmination of history. So all these hints and things and all the events that we knew kind of contextualized seasons one through three, so many of them were set into play by this being and now we’re starting to understand who they are, why they did what they did and that they’re quite on the cusp of reentering history in a big and powerful and scary way.”

What did you think of the clip? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out The Dragon Prince Season 4 when it debuts on Netflix, on November 3, 2022.

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