The Locus Supremacy: Unveiling the Best Locus Loadout in COD: Mobile

Seasons may come and go but the Locus will always remain one of the favorites for long scopers in Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM). First appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the rifle is up there with the OGs like the DLQ. But when it comes to incredible mobility along with one tap consistency, the Locus is unparalleled. Hailed by beginners and pros alike, this bolt-action sniper rifle is a menace across all-modes, whether its respawn or S&D (Search & Destroy). In this article, we talk about the best Locus build that will take your sniping skills to peak potential.

The best Locus loadout in COD: Mobile

The secret to building Locus is building it to be as mobile as possible. Grab all the attachments that reduce ADS (aim down sight) time and put them on the gun. Below are the attachments that must be on the gun.

  • Barrel – YKM Lightweight Stock

  • Stock – OWC Skeleton Stock

  • Laser – OWC Laster Tactical

  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape

Now, as for the fifth attachment, you can go for the “OWC Stopping Power Reload” if you are a beginner or not accustomed to hitting upper body shots. This makes it function much like the DLQ. So if you wanna call yourself a Locus master, get rid of the Stopping Power and equip the “Fast Switch” perk. Thus, you won’t lose out on ADS time and fire rate. Instead, you get yourself melee ready for ambushers with the “Fast Switch” perk that helps you switch to your secondary weapon much quicker.

Is it necessary to attach a suppressor on the Locus?

The Locus is one of the most versatile snipers in COD: Mobile and its greatest advantage lies in moving around the map and taking aggressive peaks. Unlike the DLQ or the SVD, you don’t need to hold angles to get high output. So, there’s not much of a need to hide your position and remain undetected all the time. However, if you like to lurk and play it slow, equip the Tactical Suppressor as the 5th attachment. 

Why can’t I one-tap using the Locus?

With respect to the gun’s damage distribution, players need to hit headshots or the torso area to get one-shot kills using the Locus. If you find yourself struggling with accuracy, the Stopping Power Reload attachment becomes a viable option. It can enhance your chances of securing one-shot kills by providing additional damage.